Peakford International has three Centres for its Research and Advisory services:
a) Centre for Entrepreneurial Innovation.
b) Centre for African Markets and Investments.
c) Centre for HR Business Partnerships.

a) Small Business Support, Entrepreneurial innovation and Technology Transfer.

Peakford International is committed to developing Small to Medium enterprises. For the last 8 years Peakford has provided training, coaching and mentoring services to thousands of SMEs. Peakford has also partnered with institutions like Shanduka Black Umbrellas, Royal Bafokeng, and governments agencies to develop SMES. Peakford through the Centre foe Entrepreneurial innovation offers a number services for SMEs and agencies.

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b) African Markets and Investments Advisory services

Peakford International is at the forefront of advising potential investors on Africa matters. Through its Research unit, Peakford provides insightful information on the African continents, and the investment landscape. To compliment this service, Peakford publishes an African business Magazine that focuses on investment opportunities in the African continent.

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c) HR Business partnership advisory and training services

The Centre for HR Business Partnerships is has a special interest in advising, training and developing the capacity of HR Business partners across Africa.

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