Training & Development

Peakford has a solid track record in training, development and skills development across Africa. We offer tailor made Training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings

Peakford International offers a service of creating and designing customized training and development solutions to suit your exclusive needs or those of your organisation. No organisation is one and the same and each may experience distinct issues that require customized solutions.
Peakford Management Consultants will construct a customized proposal based on your organisations specific requirements. Peakford can deliver the training solutions you need, at a location you choose, in a manner that suits you! | | | |

Recruitment & Consulting

Peakford offers a flexible approach to recruitment. By shaping a recruitment service that matches your needs we ensure that we deliver fast and effective results. We can work with you to identify what competence you will need in the future, and then we can attract, motivate, select and integrate the best possible candidate. But whatever your specific needs, our success is in ensuring we find the right people for your business.
Recruit. Select. Perform.
Ensuring you hire the right people and accelerate their time to performance is our goal. Whether you need a fully managed recruitment solution or simply some specialist capability at any particular stage, we will shape a service level that delivers for you:
1. Analyzing your recruitment needs
Fully understanding where your company should be going, and what people you will need to get there is a critical factor to success. Understanding what skills, knowledge and track record are required is one thing: making sure we understand what will make the right candidate fit your business is our added value.
2. Attracting and motivating the best candidates.
Using the most appropriate, dynamic and engaging channels, we attract the best possible talent and maintain their motivation throughout the process. We identify the candidate’s priorities and ambitions, and help you to communicate your organization’s employment proposition in the best possible way.
3. Making the right selection.
Our unique predictive assessment methodology uses a combination of tests, interviews and personality profiling to quickly and thoroughly assess the candidate’s qualifications, experience, motivation and personal qualities, ensuring the best possible match.
4. Ensuring high performance.
By re-utilizing the assessment insights gained in selection we help you to integrate your new hire in the optimum way. The new employees and their line manager get expert advice to ensure that both hit the ground running in their new relationship – higher performance from day one.

Labour broking & Human Resource Consulting

Let Peakford help you manage your most valued assets – the people who work in your organization. In the knowledge economy, human resources, rather than physical capital, have become the key to competitive advantage for large and small organizations alike. Our experts in HR management will work with you to attract, retain and develop competent and loyal employees. We will advise on best practices in HR policy and planning so that valuable human resources are aligned with your organization’s business objectives. Our consultants will be there to help you put strategies into practice, and fine-tune processes to fit your needs