Our Media portfolio encompass developing synergies and collaborations with new and existing media houses with the aim on leveraging our experience on developing and expanding advertising markets. Peakford International continuously seek pragmatic ways of utilising different media for advertising purposes. Peakford International has developed a solid track record foe innovatively venturing into different advertising market segments and successfully executing huge advertising projects and events.

Our Services

A) Independent Media Advertising Consultants

As a result of changing media consumption patterns, Print Media circulation declines along with ever fragmenting advertising revenue spend trends are a harsh reality on media businesses. The explosion of digital media platforms has brought about a fundamental and irreversible change to the global and local media landscape. Furthermore, with persistent market volatility and austere business tendencies, advertising revenue growth is well below the sudden and exponential growth in the available platforms.
Peakford is working with big media houses, providing independent advertising services. The current global media landscape requires innovative viability measures and media houses are taking advantage of Peakford’s aggressive media marketing and selling approaches to increase their advertising revenues at very low costs. Peakford is designing and creating cash cows for the media houses through the developing and implementation of its popular projects and events advertising strategies.
Advantages of using Peakford as an Independent advertising agent
- Increased sales- definitely
- Predictable sales costs
- Increased Selling Time
- Access to PI Research and Innovation
- Opening New Territories
- Lower sales Costs
- Reduced paperwork and administrative overheads
- Broader sales context
- Marketing flexibility at less cost

For a customised proposal email albert@peakfordglobal.com

B) Events Managements

Peakford International hosts an array of events mainly under the training and development suite or the Media suite. These focused industry events support the training and advertising services of Peakford.

For a customised proposal email events@peakford.co.za

C) Digital Advertising & Print Advertising

This is done through Peakford International’s business magazines which will be in print and digital platforms.

D) Publishing

Peakford International will publish the following business magazines
The African Markets and Investments Magazines www.africanmarkets.co.za
The HR business Partner Magazine www.hrbusinesspartner.co.za
The High Performance Leader www.highperformanceleadership.biz

Training & Development events